Aunt Mary's Niece

Aunt Mary's Niece Presents Spiritual Healing & Holistic Services

Aunt Mary's Niece Presents Spiritual Healing & Holistic Services

Aunt Mary's Niece Presents Spiritual Healing & Holistic Services Aunt Mary's Niece Presents Spiritual Healing & Holistic Services Aunt Mary's Niece Presents Spiritual Healing & Holistic Services

Aunt Mary's Niece Services

A Friend To Many Has Return Unto You


Please note that is is wise to give a donation when asking for prayer. No size is too small or too large and at times a monetary gift isn't what you need to give.  You just need to make a heartfelt donation when requesting as in order to reap a harvest you must first plant a seed. In order to get results, you must make do something as it is the law of sowing and reaping. Please note  that Emma's Daughter is a firm believer of reaping where you sow therefore sow into fertile ground so that you seed will be grow. God loves a cheerful giver especially when requesting something.

Good examples of heartfelt donations are: 

  1. The Widow's Offering (Luke 21:1-4)
  2. Matthew 26: 6-13
  3. Proverbs 3: 9-10
  4. Luke 6: 38
  5.  2 Corinthians 9:11 

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 When you give unto a prophet you shall get a prophet reward  


Aunt Mary's Niece


Aunt Mary's Niece who is affectionately known also as Emma's Daughter

HAS VARIOUS TESTIMONIALS  of years of experience with helping many who respectfully follow instructions to get:

        · Good Paying Jobs & On The Job Promotions

        · Health Restoration And /Or Help with Manifesting Fertility Desires                   

        · Good Luck Creation

        · Acquisition of Money Without Stress

        · Love and Lust {Finding love, solving sexual issues, achieving fantastic     and satisfying sexual experiences}

       · Protection, Blessing & Removing Obstacles in Families, Homes      and Businesses

       · Getting Sweet Justice for the broken, dismayed and the distressed individuals

      · Offers Life Changing & Prophetic Coaching to help individuals and organizations to  Prosper in the areas of Love, Money, Life Coaching, Parenting & Business

Aunt Mary’s Niece is excited to help you with all you need. When we start the WORK consider your case are already HEALED!

For your convenience, you are welcome to pay for services and products using our customized PayPal link and Ca$happ Info: and $AuntMarysNiece 

Get Your House In Order

There is no reason not to get the help that you deserve! Come on send an email to  with payment to  

to see how easy it is to get the help that you deserve. 

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There is no reason to be bound, tied up and can't get right. Get your spiritual healing today!

Aunt Mary's Niece FAQs

PLEASE NOTE that Aunt Mary’s Niece only accepts clients that she feels that she can help if she feels that she cannot help you she will either refer you to someone else or tell you NO as she doesn’t not do work for everyone and maintains the right to refuse any client that she deems is not a good fit for the services and/ or products offered. 


Spiritual Readings with or without cards

Need to know more

 Want to get a sneak peak at what life has in store for you? Come try out Aunt Mary's Niece Spiritual Readings today. This reading will speak to love, money, family, or anything that you may need to know. The client has the choice of which they prefer. All readings are schedule once purchased. Here is a copy of our schedule: 

The Truth is

Some want cards while others don't. This is an option for the client although it may not be needed. I read both tarot and playing cards. My specialities is  operating in the prophetic and playing cards as I have been reading  people and cards since elementary school. 

Terms and Conditions for Manifestations and Work

Holistically Revitalizing the Mind, Body and Spirit Terms and Conditions of Services


The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements: “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Aunt Mary’s Niece terms and conditions.

You do understand by booking this work that all information discussed is between you and Aunt Mary's Niece. You are to be open and honest always and understand that Aunt Mary’s Niece will be open and honest as well. You do understand that you are left to make your own decisions she is not a medical doctor and that this is the person opinion from one person to another. Aunt Mary's Niece is someone that will help guide you but the responsibility is on you.

By agreeing to this spiritual assistance, you also understand that there are no refunds once the work has been made. Aunt Mary’s Niece has up to 3 weeks from the date of payment however she prefers to start the work as soon as possible and as long as the conditions are right. She will also give you a date that the work will start as well as 3 months of follow up dates (if necessary).

There will be no recording of services unless authorized by Aunt Mary's Niece. Aunt Mary’s Niece thoughts, ideas, practices, skills set, love and working system is unique and should not be compared to any other root worker, spiritualist or Practitioner. The human experience and self-love workings are fully and is entirely dependent upon the client who makes the decision to purchase any item in Aunt Mary’s Niece Online store or any workings per spiritual services.

Universal Manifestations and Intentions provided are based off multiple of faith-based system according to client and Aunt Mary’s Niece agreement. Personal results vary and/or dependent on the time energy and work you take from Aunt Mary’s Niece instructions and believing in your own power to effect change in your life.

Factors differ according to each individual and there is no guarantee of your success or improvement level. Aunt Mary’s Niece or her staff assumes no responsibility for any of your actions whether you use her services for positive or negative purposes.

Services are strictly for spiritual, educational and entertainment purposes only. In no form or fashion is Aunt Mary’s Niece or AMN’s Staff liable, or in any way responsible for any actions that the client may take because of the work provided.

Services are not meant as a substitute for the advice of health or mental health professionals. The advice of a competent health or mental health professional should be sought, and it is encouraged strongly. There are NO REFUNDS for readings, consultations or work provided. Please do not even ask, email or text.